British Journal of Guidance and Counselling · April 2014 with 349 Reads

British Journal of Guidance and Counselling · April 2014 with 349 Reads

Guido Veronese, Mahmud S. Said & Marco Castiglioni. “Family crisis intervention in war contexts: a case study of a traumatized Palestinian family”. British Journal of Guidance and Counseling


The aim of this study was to analyse the phases of an innovative in vivo exposure intervention in which all family members were present at the scene of a traumatic incident. Clinical practice has borne out the efficacy of family intervention and its benefits for traumatized individuals and family groups. The intervention discussed here was conducted with a Palestinian family that had suffered trauma in a missile attack during the Israeli–Lebanese war of summer 2006. Narrative and meaning-reconstruction methods were combined with cognitive-behavioural techniques. The study highlights the limitations of the intervention as well as suggesting future directions for integrated models of crisis intervention; development of an evidence-based model is recommended

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