Guido Veronese, Mahmud Said, Marco Castiglioni. “Narrare il Campo profughi: i bambini palestinesi come difesa della comunità sottoposta a violenza militare”. NARRARE I GRUPPI , Etnografia dell’ interazione Quotidiana. Prospettive Cliniche e Sociale. Vol 4, N° 2 2009 


Narrating Refugee Camp: the Palestinian Children as defence of the community under milary violence

This paper aims to explore some internal and external oppressive practices that create serious risks to the physical and psychological health of Palestinian children. The typical stories of three children interviewed at Jenin refugee camp are subjected to content analyis. Key themes emerging from the analysis include the need to “re-deem” grandparents and parents (depressed, preoccupied, without hope), intolerance of imprisonment and being coerced into confined spaces, the need for space to play in, the acceleration, through violence, of the rite of passage towards adulthood. The current conditions endured by the children of the refugee camp make you imagining a possible agreement to fighting groups in adolescence or adulthood. This does not mean that families encourage their children to engage in guerrilla warfare or other terrorist acts. The motivations leading to dangerous practices and risk factors are discussed.